Red Fern Forest is our personal escape to the forest, rivers and mountains for fresh air and rejuvenation. Being in this outdoor environment inspires our creative work both personal and professionally. We believe creative wellness is vital for revitalizing our artistic journeys and what better way to do it than in the outdoors on our five acres of forest.  Our creative wellness retreat is an ongoing personal project that’s filled with workshops, classes, filming and photography projects. Until then, we have to finish planning and planting our heirloom apple and pear orchards in addition restoring the forest with more trees. It’s a big job, but we’re committed. 

Does our forest have red ferns? No. Our forest floor is loaded with green ferns. Eventually our plans are to plant red ferns soon. 

Then why Red Fern Forest? One of our favorite and impactful books growing up was the children’s novel,  Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.  The story is about the friendship between a boy and his two best friends, his blood hounds. 

The red fern in this story is based on an old Native American Indian myth where two American Indian children became lost in a blizzard. They died and were found in Spring, frozen and holding one anothers hands. An angel planted a sacred red fern between their bodies, making this a sacred location, symbolizing the eternity of their friendship. 

That’s how we feel about our forest. It’s our happy place to nurture friendships, create new bonds and it’s filled with sacred beauty. Thus, it’s our Red Fern Forest and want to keep that spirit of companionship alive through the creative arts. 

Positive vibes only allowed to enter. 

We are Todd, Diane, Sierra and Lexi. Todd and Diane are full time creative directors, photographers and filmmakers. Our work can be found here and our obsession with food can be found here. Sierra and Lexi are our pups, best friends and travel companions. They’re obsessed and really good at chasing squirrels and brown bears. 

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